Weed Harvesters

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Mainly there are two types of weed harvesters, one open land brush cutters, and Aquatic water line weed harvesters.


Brush Cutter Machine


A brush cutter machine is a device usually used for cutting/trimming weeds, crop and overgrown grass, paddy, etc. a brush cutter is not just only used for harvesting the crops but also used to clear the garden weeds and if your garden is overgrown with dense grasses than brush cutter can be helpful to remove the grasses.


Types of Brush Cutter


Generally, there has two types of brush cutter available with us - i) Shoulder-Mounted Brush Cutter and ii) Backpack Brush Cutter, which is operated by electric and petrol.


Importance of Brush Cutter


Brush cutters are used for multi-purpose equipment used to cut paddy, weeds, crops, grass, mulberry, parthenium, soybeans, etc., making this product ideal for professional harvesting and trimming grasses.


An aquatic weed harvester, also known as a water mower mowing boat and weed cutting boat, is a marine machine specifically designed for inland watercourse management to cut and harvest underwater weeds, reeds, and other aquatic plant life.[4] The action of removing aquatic plant life in such a manner has been referred to as "aquatic harvesting."[


Like an underwater lawnmower, an aquatic weed harvester cuts the vegetation, collecting and storing the weeds on board. Aquatic weed harvesters are fitted with a pick-up conveyor at the forward end of the machine, which can be lowered underwater to cut weeds.


With Lakshmi enterprises, both Brush cutters and Aquatic weed harvesters available, in various sizes, designs to suit customer’s specific 

job requirements.


Moreover, we undertake weed harvesting contracts with our expert team of technicians at meager costs.