Centralized grease lubrication systems

Written by Rajamanikandan Narayanasamy on . Posted in Products and Services

Centralized grease lubrication systems are widely used in industrial and heavy-duty mobile equipment applications to lubricate multiple points on a machine.


These systems range from a simple single-port lubricator to complex dual-line, reversing units employing timers and alarms to deliver grease reliably to hundreds of grease points.

 Maintain them properly.


Advantages of Lakshmi's Centralized Grease Lubrication System Services


Centralized grease systems are designed principally, simplifying the process of accessing remote grease points, especially in confined spaces, when equipment is in operation. However, the primary benefit is derived from the continuous application of small amounts of grease, resulting in improved equipment life due to the consistent supply of lubricant.


Hand application is typically performed infrequently and may result in uneven amounts of grease being applied, leading to over greasing. It results in damaged seals and elevated bearing temperatures caused by grease churn.



Maintenance professionals need to realize that many centralized grease systems have long lines, precise metering valves, fittings, and numerous connections. It causes malfunction due to vibration, air entrainment, and other environmental impacts. Thus, carefully monitoring and maintaining the systems consistently is critical.



At Lakshmi enterprises, we design, manufacture, and supply Pneumatic, electric, manual types of centralized lubrication systems, single point and multi-point. We customize the design as per your need.